My crazy busy mommy life

I have been very busy lately.  Tuesdays, J and I go to classes at Gymboree an hour away.  That basically eats up 3-4 hours of the day.  Wednesdays we go to therapy and that is also an hour away and eats up a lot of the day.  Fridays we go to swimming lessons and that is an hour long on Fridays, but is close to our house.  I am working on Saturdays which is also an hour away and we have been moving since the beginning of September.  We finally have all of our belongings in the new house, but we still aren’t completely unpacked.  The house is coming together nicely though.

My moods have been unpredictable lately.  I have been very sensitive to little things.  I will be totally happy and laughing one minute then so angry the next.  Then, 2 minutes later I will be very sad and break down in tears.  At first, I attributed this to PMS.  This is not a typical type of bipolar set of symptoms for me.  They aren’t long-term mood changes that appear to be chemically triggered.  They are specifically associated with different stimuli and triggers.

I had Mirena placed and I contacted my doctor to see if Mirena could contribute to such mood fluctuations.  She said it’s possible, but highly unlikely.  She had me schedule an appointment with the social worker in her office to dig into the cause of this problem.  This has me thinking.

I honestly wonder what the causes are.  Is it that I’ve got a 7 month old who is starting to teethe?  The only way we could calm him this evening was to blow bubbles.  Is it the move?  I don’t know anyone here and my husband has been obligated to go to more client events for work.  I feel lonely and sort of overwhelmed on days where I have no help with Jimmy V.  I was also physically ill a few weeks ago and I’m still tired and a bit sick.  I wonder if that’s not contributing to it as well.  I have been sleeping when Jimmy V is sleeping as often as I can to try to regain my energy.  I don’t think I should still be fatigued from a cold or from the flu a couple of weeks after being sick.

I guess long and short is I don’t know what is causing my mood issues.  I really wish I did.  My therapist and I are trying to tease it out.  I’ll track my cycle and see if the mood shifts go away.

I also need to meet some other parents of young children in my area.  I need things to do.  Being alone with a baby all day every day is so hard! I have a visiting mom who will stop seeing me November 1st because I’m out of the region.  Advice for meeting new people?  I tried finding a baby playgroup, but there were too few people for the group to start.  Hopefully, there will be a group in November.  I was going to join a gym that’s like a YMCA, but they wanted too much money for the first month. I got a free month family pass though so I am going to use it.  They also gave me information about a “matinee membership” which is good for Monday – Friday 11 AM – 3 PM which would work pretty well for me especially since they have child care.  Maybe I’ll meet some people there.

I need to stop having these crazy mood fluctuations.

Author: Bipolar Mom

I am a wife and mother living with mental illnesses.

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